Souter Lighthouse: A Chilled Delivery To The Coast

Souter Lighthouse: A Chilled Delivery To The Coast

From our delivery hubs in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Leeds, our fleet of temperature controlled delivery vans courier chilled and frozen goods up and down the country. We collect from and transport to a wide range of customers always ensuring our cargo is kept at the optimum temperature. Whether we’re delivering a family butcher’s delicious meats direct to Silverstone or safely shipping an ice sculpture to an awards ceremony, Run It Cool can be trusted to help keep your event moving along without a hitch.

Amongst all the big venues, farms and unique producers, sometimes we get to go to places a little bit special. Such was the case when we delivered frozen goods for Delice De France to the beautiful Souter Lighthouse on the east coast of the country. Travelling a 100 miles North from our Leeds Hub up the A1 keeping the cargo at the optimum chilled temperature the classic red and white stripes of the imposing structure finally loomed into view.

Constructed in 1871 on the shore side at Whitburn Steel in order to warn ships of the dangerous rocks lurking in the shallow waters, Souter Lighthouse was a marvel of modern 19th century technology in that it was the first ever Lighthouse designed and built to be powered by electricity.

In earlier examples, the illumination came from a large Kerosene lamp which was rotated by a clockwork mechanism that had to be kept wound by the keepers.

Souter kept the shores of Sunderland safe for a century until being decommissioned in 1988 where thankfully, instead of being demolished or left to ruin, it was adopted by the National Trust. The monument is now a popular tourist attraction where visitors can explore the clockwork mechanisms and climb the 76 steps to the top to enjoy fantastic cliff-top views of the coast.

That’s not all there is to see and do at this scenic location. To the north lies The Leas, a breath-taking two-and-a-half-mile stretch of magnesian limestone cliffs rocky bays, and coastal grassland. This beautiful and tranquil coastal route offers a perfect setting for leisurely walks along towering cliffs that have stood for an incredible 250 million years.

Serving as the end point of The Great North Run, as you walk, bike or jog across the Leas you’ll encounter Marsden Bay, where the cliffs and rock stacks provide a natural habitat for a variety of bird species, including nesting kittiwakes, fulmar, cormorants, shags, and guillemots. South of the lighthouse, Whitburn Coastal Park and Nature Reserve offer a haven for wildlife on reclaimed colliery land.

If you need a reliable refrigerated transport service to deliver chilled products to music festivals, racing events, award ceremonies or indeed one of the many historic monuments that dot the country get in touch with us today.