Run It Cool’s Refrigerated Courier Service At the Festivals

Run It Cool’s Refrigerated Courier Service At the Festivals

From the vibrant atmosphere of the Rewind Festival to the captivating ambiance of the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, Run It Cool proudly delivered a touch of culinary magic in partnership with Birtwistles Catering Butchers. As specialists in refrigerated courier service, our mission was clear: ensure that Birtwistles’ quality meats reached festival-goers in the freshest and most delightful condition

Birtwistles Catering Butchers: A Legacy of Quality

A hallmark of quality and expertise, Birtwistles Catering Butchers excels in delivering exceptional meat products to customers across the UK. With a remarkable range of over 6000 products sourced responsibly from a fully accredited, traceable, global supply chain, Birtwistles is synonymous with excellence from farm to fork. Their commitment to maintaining the highest standards aligns seamlessly with Run It Cool’s dedication to preserving the freshness of every delivery.

From Source to Festival: Delivering Freshness

From the heart of Manchester, Milton Keynes, and Glasgow to the festival grounds of Rewind and Belladrum, Birtwistles’ meats embarked on a journey that required an unbroken cold chain. Run It Cool’s refrigerated courier service played a pivotal role in maintaining the perfect temperature for every cut, ensuring that the meats remained as delightful and succulent as when they were sourced.

As festival-goers savoured the flavours and textures of Birtwistles’ offerings, Run It Cool’s chilled food transport ensured that the culinary experience was second to none. Our expert drivers, equipped with cutting-edge technology, meticulously timed deliveries and provided real-time updates, ensuring the freshness of every ingredient.

Excellence as standard: From Lands End to John O’Groats

While Rewind and Belladrum brought Birtwistles’ meats to the spotlight, Run It Cool’s chilled food transport extends far beyond the festival grounds. We’re committed to upholding the same level of excellence in every delivery we make.

From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, our refrigerated courier service ensures that quality and freshness remain intact no matter where you are in the

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